Welcome to JNV Kathua

Principal Message :

principal Education is not filling up of a pail but the lighting up of a lamp. The objective if this Vidyalaya is to provide quality modern education to the talented rural youth . Along with education,the Vidyalaya strives to inculcate a strong moral foundation and ethics and impart life skills. It is the social duty of this institution to provide support and strengthen the causes of those who lag behind due to various social and economics handicaps. The Vidyalaya takes pride in providing a congenial and safe home away from homes. It is my personal endeavor to encourage and support those who are lagging behind socially and economically and to provide a platform for their better educational growth and development.


Sh. Som Nath

Vice Principal Message :

principal The motto of our Vidyalaya is to provide quality modern education including strong Competitive spirit, moral Values and adventure activities to the children from rural back ground . Further it is my sincere effort to provide congenial atmosphere and parental touch to my students.


Sh.S. K. Shastri